• Rome Welcomes Augmented Reality Street Art from Estonia

    The streets of Rome now host a number of quirky characters from about a hundred years ago, brought to life by a mysterious street artist, Edward von Lõngus and augmented reality technologies.  The (R)estart Reality art project takes Lõngus on tour all over Europe to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his home country, Estonia, who also holds the EU presidency for the second half of 2017.

  • Estonia 100 art programme launches in full gear

    The Estonia 100 organising committee, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia and Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center are pleased to announce that the Estonia 100 art programme “One Hundred Art Landscapes” has begun. A wide range of events are being held already this summer across Estonia. 

  • Estonia will surprise Europe with a unique cultural programme

    Tomorrow, the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and Estonia’s 100th anniversary international programme will begin, with more than 150 events taking place during a period of almost a full year and a half.

  • The full cultural programme for Belgium and Luxembourg is online now

    Inspired by nature, driven by tradition and digital technology. To celebrate its first EU presidency and to continue with the Estonian centenary, Estonia presents itself to Belgium, Luxembourg and the world starting from this summer until the end of 2018 with an exceptional cultural programme! 

  • Enigmatic street artist Edward von Lõngus begins tour of Europe

    As part of the Tallinn Art Week art festival a number of buildings in Tallinn were embellished overnight with graffiti depicting fantasy characters that will accompany Estonia’s most famous and mysterious street artist, Edward von Lõngus, as he sets out on his European tour.

  • 10 great cultural events celebrating the Estonian Presidency and Estonia 100

    To celebrate the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, there is a whole calendar of cultural events, taking place all over the EU and beyond. These events also celebrate the forthcoming centenary of the founding of the Republic of Estonia in 1918. Here are some occasions you will definitely want to save the date for.

  • RUUP Wooden Megaphones

    23. June 2017 to 10. September 2017
    RUUP Wooden Megaphones are to be installed in Tournay Solvay Regional Park, the hidden pearl of Brussels, as part of the official Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU cultural programme.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter

    12. to 25. September 2017
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Through international exhibitions, we showcase the achievements of Estonia as a rapidly-developing design country with strong roots in the applied arts and an innovative long-standing furniture industry.
  • Ensemble U: 'Audience orchestra'

    01. July 2017 17:00 to 02. July 2017 15:30
    In 'Audience orchestra' U: investigates and plays around with the idea of 'democracy in making music'. The audience of the event gains unusual power – they can control how the concert develops.

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  • A gift for Estonia's centenary

Estonia100 in social media

Let´s use #Estonia100 as hashtag while distributing information about Estonia's centenary on social media