Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week

During the 100th anniversary year of the Republic of Estonia, we will celebrate the country's  re-independence day with a week of summer celebrations on August 17 to 25.

The Grand Celebration Week will start on August 17 with the first poetry festival in Rakvere and will wrap up on August 25 with the night of ancient bonfires.

One of the highlights of the week will be the global sing-along on August 19, which will bring together people from various parts of the world to sing the songs they love. This is also the right time to get to know Estonia through the Estonia 100 centenary hikes and RMK public hikes. The cycling festival Tour d'ÖÖ winds through ten Estonian cities.

See you at the Grand Celebration Week!


  • Estonia 100 International Programme: Justin Petrone
  • Estonia 100 International Programme: Laura Linsi, the curator of the exhibition "Weak Monument"
  • Estonia 100 International Programme: Kristjan Randalu
  • Peedu Kass' lunch concert at Kivi Paber Käärid
  • Estonia 100 hot air balloon flew over Tallinn

Estonia100 in social media

Let´s use #Estonia100 as hashtag while distributing information about Estonia's centenary on social media