100 stories of foreigners living in Estonia

Foreigners living in Estonia, let us share our stories with our Estonian friends and tell them why we love this country and why we are here.

I'm sure that you know Hemingway's quote 'In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found.' But let us look at it from a different perspective now. A lot of people from all around the world can be found in Estonia.

Everyone has his or her own story. What is your story?

Is it the classic story of falling in love with an Estonian?
Are you working for one of the many start-ups or are an self-made entrepreneur?
Are you one of the Erasmus students?
Did you initially only come here for a short period of time, and eventually stayed much longer than you would have expected?
Or, are you one of the e-residents?

Let us share our stories with our beloved Estonian fellows and show them why we love this country.

It's your story. You decide how long or short it should be. Tell us, why you came to Estonia, what you're doing here, why you love this country, and if you're planning to stay and why.


Katharina Sowa

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