15 school yards get a new look for Estonia’s centenaryPublished: 02.06.2017

On June 3, the local community came together to help build an outdoor classroom in the school yard of the Pühajärve Basic School, under the direction of landscape architects and arborists. This is part of an Estonia 100 project to renovate school yards throughout the country.

Foto: Pexels

In the ‘Children to Play and Learn in School Grounds’ project that was launched last year as a gift for Estonia 100, children had the first say and were invited to design their dream school yards. With the help of landscape architects these dreams were translated into ideas, which the schools together with the local governments and communities began to bring to life this spring. The project enjoys the generous support of the Bauhof Aiaparadiis garden centre that is proving each school with one thousand euros worth of equipment, as well as free advice.
The NGO “Estonian Green Schoolyards’’ (MTÜ Eesti Rohelised Koolihoovid) has been key in this campaign to create more interesting and attractive school yards where children will want to play, exercise and spend time outdoors.
The project is being sponsored by Government Office, the National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK), Bauhof Aiaparadiis garden centre and the Eesti Leivatööstus bakery.

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Siiri Treufeld
Director, NGO Eesti Rohelised Koolihoovid
tel: +372 5041229
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Anneli Ohvril
Head of Marketing and Communication for Estonia 100
Government Office
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