Amazon's Alexa is talking about Estonia

Amazon's Alexa devices can now share Estonian facts, proverbs, and even speak a little Estonian, thanks to the Estonia One Hundred Alexa skill.

We've taught Amazon's Alexa devices how to spread the word about Estonia. By interacting with an Alexa device, people all over the world can learn interesting Estonian facts, hear Estonian proverbs and sayings, and even learn a little of the Estonian language. Users can simply say phrases like "Alexa, ask Estonia One Hundred for a fact" or "Alexa, ask Estonia One Hundred to teach me Estonian" to get started.

We've made Estonia One Hundred available for free in the Amazon Alexa skill store, for all Alexa users around the world who wish to learn a little about Estonia. Furthermore, we've made the source code to the skill open source, so contributors in Estonia or elsewhere can add facts, sayings, or other improvements.

Youtube demo:
Source code:

The source code is open source. Developers are welcome to contribute on Github.


Mike Hoolehan