The app, which was created for the Estonia 100 centenary celebrations, creates digital links between people all over the world who carry Estonia in their hearts. 

You can now download the app which serves as a gateway to all the latest Estonia 100 news and events, and lets you save events on your own personal calendar. This app has created by the telecommunications company Telia as a gift to the Republic of Estonia for its 100th anniversary.

When you press the heart icon on the app, your location will be marked by a little glowing dot on the map. This way, everyone in Estonia and everyone abroad can let others know where they are and that they are thinking about Estonia. 

If you do not own a smart phone, you can still let others know your location by calling the number 800 8100 locally in Estonia or clicking on the heart icon on the website

You can download the app for free here:   Google Play and iTunes