Application round for children and youth projects related to exercise habits or natureFinished

The purpose of the funding is to contribute towards the development of nationwide children- and youth projects related to exercise habits or nature.

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Conditions for applying

Welcome for submission are projects to be implemented during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia (April 2017 – February 2020).
The development of up to 15 projects will be supported in the total amount of 50,000 euros. The amount of support for individual project development in the period December 2015 – March 2016 will range between 2,000–5,000 euros. Additional support for the development of ideas receiving the grant can be applied for from Estonia 100 anniversary-programme funding.
Applications may be submitted by private persons, persons in public law registered in Estonia, and state and local government institutions with previous experience in projects involving children or young people, and who have paid in full all state or local taxes due to their place of residence, as well as social-security taxes payable by respective legislation.
At the moment of application, the person applying for support may not have state tax arrears or interest arrears charged on an overdue tax amount, unless the tax arrears have been staggered. In case of staggered payment of tax arrears, the latter must be paid according to the foreseen schedule. Under these conditions, an arrears of state taxes means state taxes not paid by the applicant by the deadline and interest charged on the tax arrears exceeding 100 euros.

The application must include the description of the following:

1) the project’s target group;
2) how the project is connected to exercise habits and/or nature;
3) the project’s influence all across Estonia;
4) co-operative partners involved in the project’s implementation;
5) the project’s influence on shaping the future;
6) whether the project is new or it is the significant modification of an existing project-format;
7) the project’s adherence to the main values and goals of the Estonia 100 anniversary programme;
8) the applicant’s previous experience in terms of projects aimed at children or young people.
The project’s description can be up to 2 A4-pages in length. A budget for use of the funding must be attached to the description, taking into consideration the fact that the amount of support can range between 2,000–5,000 euros according to the decision of the committee.
Pictures may be attached to the application.
Support will be given for covering costs related to the project’s development over the period December 2015 – March 2016.

The following is taken into consideration when deciding the allocation of support:

1) the project’s influence on shaping the exercise habits of children or young people, or conveying experiences and knowledge related to nature;
2) the project’s influence on the whole of Estonia or its potential to achieve such influence;
3) the extent of the inclusion of different cooperation partners, communities, local governments, and volunteers;
4) the project’s sustainability and ability to shape the future;
5) the novelty of the idea;
6) adherence to the main values and goals of the Estonia 100 anniversary programme;
7) the applicant’s capacity to find co-financing for the project.

Committee for application assessment

The appropriation of support will be decided by a committee convened pursuant to the directive of the Head of the Organising Committee of Estonia 100.

The application-assessment committee will be composed of:​

Head of the Committee:
Anneli Ohvril, Marketing and Communications Manager of Estonia 100
Members of the Committee:           
Jaanus Rohumaa, Head of the Organising Committee of Estonia 100
Aivo Normak, Communications Manager of the Estonian Olympic Committee
Helen Luks, Chief Specialist of Nature Education at the State Forest Management Centre (RMK)
Marje Jurtšenko, Editor-in-Chief of ETV2
Toomas Kukk, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Eesti Loodus
Madis Pettai, Secretary-General of the Estonian School Sport Union
Helen Arusoo, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Loodusesõber
Edgar Schlümmer, Director of the Estonian Youth Work Centre
The Head of the Estonia 100 Organising Committee will notify the applicant of the committee’s decision in writing by an e-mail sent to the address indicated in the application. Negotiations for the conclusion of contracts for the allocation of support will then be started with the recipients.
Deadline for the submission of applications is 30 November 2015.
Digitally-signed applications can be sent by e-mail to

More information and contact:

Anneli Ohvril
Marketing and Communications Manager of Estonia 100
telephone: 5297557

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