Application round for the events of international programmeFinished

The purpose of the application round is to find events to supplement the programme that will take place in foreign countries in 2018. The application round is aimed at contributing to the professionally oriented, high-level and high visibility sectoral events or the events bringing together different sectors which will take place in foreign countries from autumn 2017 until the end of 2018.   


Participation in the application round

The application round is open for private legal persons and persons in public law registered in Estonia and state and local government institutions, who have paid all the state taxes or local taxes with regard to their place of residence or seat and social security taxes arising from the respective legislation.
At the moment of submission of application, the person applying for the support may not have state tax arrears or interest arrears charged on overdue tax amount, unless the tax arrears have been staggered. In case of staggering the payment of tax arrears, the latter must be paid according to the foreseen schedule. Under the circumstances, arrears of state taxes mean state taxes not paid by an applicant by the due date and the interest charged on the tax arrears, which exceed 100 euros.

Through the application round, the following will be supported:

- covering the expenses related to the organisation of the professionally oriented, high-level and high visibility sectoral events or the events bringing together different sectors which are dedicated to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union or Estonia 100
- covering the expenses related to the organisation or holding of the events;
- increasing the visibility of the topics related to Estonia 100 and the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union through the events which belong to the programme of international fairs, festivals, forums and other similar events.

When preparing the application, please take into account:

- priority countries of destination of international programme (the list of countries is available here). In exceptional cases (e.g. in case of essential international influence) the events taking place in other countries will also be supported.
- exact place and time of the event must be clearly indicated in the application (preferably in the period 09/2017 – 12/2018);
- organising partner of the event in the country of destination (including contact person of the organisation and webpage address) must be indicated in the application;
- target group of the event and its expected effect on the country of destination (or also in a broader sense) must be described in the application;
- mandatory part of the application is the budget for organising the event (according to the form set out in the application).

The following expenses can be covered from the support:

- expenses which are made in the period of using the support confirmed in the application;
- activities and costs which are necessary for holding an event, including travelling and accommodation costs, costs for materials, instruments and transport charges for holding other event, daily allowance, insurance, formalisation of visas, participation fee, etc.;
- payment of additional honorarium, salary and social security tax, income tax, unemployment insurance tax and pension insurance payments related thereto;
- advertising expenses and the costs with regard to the preparation, editing and printing of publications which are directly related to the event and other support activities, including the costs of web solutions;
- expenses related to the rental of sound and lighting equipment;
- expenses related to VAT, if the application is not a person liable to value added tax.

When assessing the applications, the following will be taken into account:

- compliance of the event with the purposes of foreign programme;
- general effect of the event upon introducing Estonia;
- capacity brought along by the event to bring together the strongpoints of different sectors and create a synergy;
- professionalism, previous experience and reputation (including foreign partners) of the organisers;
- level of included performers;
- circumstances related to the target group and venue (country, city) of the event;
- plan of communication and media coverage of the event;
- opinion of the foreign representation located at the country of destination;
- feasibility of holding the event and its budget and justification of the expenses of Estonian participants; 
- innovative nature and long-term effect of the event on international relations of the sector;
- maximum amount of the support is 80% of the budget;
- application budget must be at least 5,000 euros;
- minimum amount of the support for one application is 4,000 euros;

The following will not be supported through the application round:

- events which have been held before the deadline for the submission of applications;
- event which will be held after 31.12.2018;
- foreign trips of amateur groups;
- acquisition of technical equipment, instruments, etc.;
- membership fees of organisations;
- payment of fringe benefits tax;
- other expenses which are unjustified and irrelevant considering the purpose of holding the event.

Applications will be assessed by the committee composed of:

Jorma Sarv (Government Office)
Reet Remmel (Ministry of Culture)
Kaire Jürgenson (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Piret Lilleväli (Government Office)
Kalmar Kurs (Ministry of Education and Research)
Krista Mihkelsaar (Enterprise Estonia)
Tarmo Mutso (Enterprise Estonia)
Martti Kalvik ((Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)
Kristi Tiivas (expert)
Liisa Ojaveer (expert)

The Committee may:

- request specification of the information set out in the application and make proposals to change the event and postpone the application to the next deadline for the submission of applications; 
- make a decision for a full or partial acceptance of the application. Partial acceptance of the application is allowed, if the financial volume of the application exceeds the support budget or full acceptance of the application is not justified and provided that the purpose of the event can be achieved upon partial acceptance of the application; 
- refuse the application, if the information set out therein turns out to be in conflict with the conditions for allocation of the support or state aid rules; if the financial volume of the application exceeds the support budget or in other justified cases.
Head of the EV 100 Working Group will notify the applicant of the committee’s decision in writing by sending an e-mail to the address indicated in the application. Negotiations for the conclusion of the contracts for allocation of the support and covering the expenses for the period of 2016 - 2018 will be started with the beneficiaries.   

Deadline for the submission of applications is 30 June 2016. 
Digitally signed applications can be sent to the e-mail address Application form can be downloaded from HERE


Jorma Sarv
Head of International Programme of Estonia 100 and the EU Presidency
telephone: +372 502 3343

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