Archiving of Estonia 100

The celebrations of the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia will most certainly be worth remembering. Therefore, all documents, physical objects, media coverage, websites, publications, films, photos, video, and audio materials related to Estonia 100 will be archived, creating a comprehensive picture of the preparations and celebrations to take place.
The materials will be archived in cooperation with various partners:

  • The Estonian History Museum – Collection and preservation of objects created for Estonia 100; for example – clothes, textiles, dishes, various souvenirs, badges, awards, etc. with the Estonia 100 logo on them;
  • The National Archives – Collection and preservation of records created during the documentation of the events and activities related to the preparation and execution of Estonia 100, including the minutes of meetings and correspondence of the government commission of the Estonia 100 and the steering group;
  • The Estonian Film Archive – Collection and preservation of Estonia 100 film, photo, and audio materials;
  • The National Library of Estonia – Collection and preservation of Estonia 100 publications, audio-visual materials, electronic publications, online editions, and websites.

If you will have any valuable archival materials, please contact either our partners directly or:

Kaia Mägi
Government Office Archivist
+372 693 5322