The armoured train Wabadus has now been completedPublished: 27.11.2018

​On 27 November, a replica of an armoured train No. 7 Wabadus was unveiled in the Tapa train depot. In January 2019, an exhibition tour of the train – the Journey of the Armoured Train Wabadus – will start on the historic route which was a frontline in the Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920).

Photo: Liis Reiman/ EV100


“This year, on 28 November, one hundred years will have passed since the beginning of the Estonian War of Independence,” said Margus Kasterpalu, Head of Major Events of Estonia 100.

“One of the symbols of the War of Independence is the armoured train, which directly affected Estonia’s freedom. The replica train which was constructed for the jubilee year now bears the name Wabadus and represents the fighting spirit of Estonians during the historic turning point,” added Kasterpalu.

“The replica train will give a glimpse of the means by which our forefathers fought for freedom,” said Hellar Lill, Director of the Estonian War Museum.

“The replica train will start its journey through Estonia along the historic frontline in January and it will be complemented by exhibitions presenting the trains and events of the War of Independence,” added Lill.

The armoured train No. 7 Wabadus with the exhibition on it will begin its journey on 4 January 2019 in Kehra. On that day, one hundred years will have passed since the decisive battle which stopped the enemy forces’ advance towards Tallinn. The journey of the armoured train along the former front line will end on 1 February 2019 in Valga. After the journey along the front-line ends, the train will tour other railways all over Estonia until the end of 2019.

The stops of the armoured train Wabadus in January 2019:

  • 4–5 January 2019 – Kehra
  • 6 January – Lahinguvälja
  • 6–8 January – Aegviidu
  • 9–10 January – Tapa
  • 11–12 January – Jõgeva
  • 13 January – Kaarepere
  • 14–16 January – Tartu  
  • 17-24 January – Elva
  • 25–27 January – Puka
  • 28–30 January – Sangaste
  • 31 January – Valga

Read more about the events at every train stop HERE

The armoured train No. 7 Wabadus came to life with the support from Estonia 100 Organising Committee, Estonian War Museum and Operal. The journey of the armoured train is supported by Estonian Railways Ltd., Estonian Defence Forces and local governments. 

See the gallery from the presentation event on 27 November here. Photos: Liis Reiman/ EV100 

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