Baltic focus at Tbilisi International Film Festival

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Baltic Countries, the 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival offers a special programme "Baltic-100". 


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Baltic countries, the Tbilisi Film Festival offers a special programme "Baltic-100". 

The Estonian selection is historical dramas "In the Crosswind" and "1944", fantasy drama "November" and drama thrillers "Fire Lily" and "The Pretenders". Two co-productions "Dawn" (Latvia-Estonia-Poland) and the documentary "Bridges of Time" (Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania) are also in the focus programme.

The films are presented by directors Martti Helde and Maria Avdjushko as well as the Director of the Estonian Film Institute Edith Sepp.

A panel discussion on the current state of the Baltic film industry and its opportunities as well as a conversation on gender representation are on the Industry programme. In honour of the Tbilisi focus, the three Baltic embassies will host a reception.



14:00 "1944" dir. Elmo Nüganen, 2015, 100’

21:00 "Bridges of Time" dir. Kristine Briede, Audrius Stonys, 2018, 80’


12:00 "Dawn" dir. Laila Pakalnina , 2015, 96’

14:00 "The Pretenders" dir. Vallo Toomla, 2016, 102’


12:00 "Bridges of Time" 

21:00 "In the Crosswind" dir. Martti Helde, 2014, 90’ /  Q & A with director Martti Heldega


12:00 "November" dir. Rainer Sarnet, 2017, 115’

16:00 Gender Representation in Film Industry: Baltics in Comparison

17:30 Panel Discussion: Film in Baltics


14:00 "Fire Lily" / Q & A  with director Maria Avdjushko

19:00 "1944"

21:00 "November" 


12:00 "In the Crosswind" 

12:00 "Fire Lily" 

16:00 "Dawn" / Q & A with director Laila Pakalnina


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