VIA BALTICA - Art Song from three countries

Let`s attain at least 100 new listeners to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian music and thus celebrate the neighbours` anniversaries together! 

Wheelchair friendly

My dear colleague, the Latvian Soprano Gunta Smirnova`s and my wish to sing together at a recital got fuelled all the more by the Jubilee year of our countries of origin - 2018 the Latvian, Estonian as well as the Lithuanian Republics celebrate their 100th birthdays, and we ended up planning it closest to the Latvian anniversary (Nov 18th.)

We have often been asked, if we understand each others language - the answer is, of course, if you have learned it - yes. We will sing in Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian, though, but both having to put an extra effort into learning to sing in yet another foreign language. We do love the challenge!


Apart from the linguistic differences, the Baltic Nations differ in cuisine, (religious) demopraghics, the coastline along the Baltic Sea or the colours on our flags. But there is definitely more of that what unites us, naming the closest historic events of the Singing Revolution and The Baltic Way to being with; not to forget the geographical situation and wildlife, the gatherers` habits and the Song&Dance Celebrations; and finally the fact that all Republics have had a female president by now!

With our concert we wish to discuss, remember and share our similarities and differences through the medium of art song, viewed in three periods of the last century in parallel - the pre-War, the Soviet and the restored Independence period. It is worth mentioning that the music of all three countries is almost never performed in the same program.


Our much appreciated and celebrated partner is the renowned pianist, conductur and horn-player, professor at the Music Academy of the City of Basel, organizer of the Engadin Festival and head of the class for Interpretation of Lied at the Music Academy, Jan Schultsz.

You are also invited to celebrate with us the 70th anniversary of SBK, after the concert with refreshments featuring fingerfood&fruit wine from the 3 countries.


Tere tulemast! Laipni aicināti! Sveiki atvykę! 

Jane Tiik


Schweizerisch-Baltisches Komitee

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