The Battle of Võnnu 100

Eesti kuulipildurid Koiva kaldal pärast Võnnu lahingut, foto: Rahvusarhiiv

On 22 June 2019, a hundred years passing after one of the largest and most meaningful victories of the Estonian People's Forces in the War of Independence – the Battle of Võnnu, will be celebrated on Latvian soil, in Võnnu (Cēsis in the Latvian language). In the Battle of Võnnu, Estonians, together with Latvian independence troops, defeated the Baltic-German Fleet, Landeswehr and the Iron Division. This was the breaking point of the entire Landesveer War, after which the enemy was pressed further south and Estonian troops advanced until the River Väina. 

The day of victory of the Battle of Võnnu, 23 June, has also been an Estonian public holiday – a day of victory – since 1934.