BEL:EST A Laboratory for the City of Europe

Estonian and Belgian architects work together to propose an improved version of Brussels - the city of Europe. Exhibition at BOZAR from 21 Nov 2017 to 10 Jan 2018.


Estonian and Belgian young architects propose an improved version of Brussels Exhibition at BOZAR from 21 Nov 2017 to 10 Jan 2018. In Spring 2017, architects from five Estonian and five Belgian offices took a deep dive into a number of urban design and architecture problems that the city of Brussels faces every day. The issues they explored were selected using expertise from the Belgian and Estonian sides. The architects looked at how to improve the security of critically important buildings in the city, how urban planning and architecture could support a more coherent society, how a more digitised society might change the physical city around us, among other important questions. The conclusions and solutions – site-specific to locations in Brussels – offered by the five teams of architects, will form the core of an exhibition titled “BEL:EST A Laboratory for Europe in Brussels", to be opened during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2017 in Estonia, in September 2017. After that, the exhibition will travel to BOZAR in Brussels, to present the case studies and spatial proposals to the Brussels public, beginning on 23 November, 2017. The exhibition is curated by Aet Ader (b210), produced by BOZAR and Estonian Centre of Architecture, and dedicated to the Estonia 100 centenary celebrations and Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Participating offices from Estonia: Salto, b210, Arhitekt Must, PART, KAOS Participating offices from Belgium: L’escaut, AgwA, Delmulle & Delmulle, Bogdan & Van Broeck, Lassa


Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus

Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus (EAK) keskendub oma tegevustes Eesti nüüdisarhitektuurile ja selle tulevikule. Keskuse missiooniks on kaasaegse Eesti arhitektuuri ja linnaehituse edendamine ja arendamine, arhitektuurialase teadlikkuse kasvatamine, arhitektuuriinfo kogumine, vahetamine, vahendamine ja levitamine kodu- ja välismaal. EAK eesmärk on integreerida teadmine ja kompetents arhitektuurist ühiskonna teiste valdkondadega, aidates kaasa arhitektuuriga seotud valdkondade arengule ning uuendustele.