Calendar 2019 "An apple is like an Estonian"

This calendar contains apple paintings of ordinary Estonian apples and short stories about Estonia and Estonians. Dedicated to Estonian centennial.


This calendar is for you, if you love Estonia. If you love the people of this country, or even just one Estonian.

This calendar is for you, if you have not heard of this land or its people. I'm going to tell you some short stories that will help you connect with both.

This calendar is for you, if you do not speak Estonian, since everything is in English. If you speak Estonian, then the calendar is for you too, because the whole thing is also in your native tongue.

This calendar is for you, if you love apples and just a little bit of art. All of the pictures in the calendar were painted using ordinary Estonian apples.

This calendar is for you if, after hanging a year on your wall, you also start to think that an apple is like an Estonian, because:

An apple is like an Estonian. Each of them is an individual. A little defect here, a

scratch there. A stain on one cheek and a blemish on the other. Ragged by the winds of time, but still there. Defiant. Full of aroma. Genuine.

Not a shiny imported apple. Slightly rough, nonconforming, barely qualifying. Homely. Full

of memories. An apple is like an Estonian. Not always the most presentable. Simple. Too

mundane. But truly your own. A survivor.


The calendar is available at Rahva Raamat. Klick HERE


Kamille Saabre