Children invited to design their school groundsPublished: 07.10.2016

Through to November 10th, fifteen schools throughout Estonia will be gathering ideas from young people on how to breathe new life into their school grounds for the ‘Children to Play and Learn in School Grounds’ project. The goal of this gift is to make many of Estonia’s school grounds more interesting and attractive for children in time for Estonia’s centenary.

Pilt: MTÜ Eesti Rohelised Koolihoovid

The organiser of the initiative, Siiri Treufeld, had noticed that the potential of school grounds has not been fully used in Estonia. "The grounds that surround our schools could offer many more possibilities for children to play and learn. As a gift for Estonia’s centenary, I want to contribute to making school grounds into more diverse environments that support the development of children, where they can be safe and creative’’, Treufeld explained. She hopes that even more schools will join the programme next autumn.

The organiser of the initiative, NGO Estonian Green School Grounds, was founded in April 2015 to work together with schools and local communities to provide a greater variety of ways for children to learn and play in their school grounds. The programme ‘Children to Play and Learn in School Grounds’ has been brought to life by the NGO Estonian Green School Grounds as a gift for Estonia’s centenary.

Estonia’s centenary will be celebrated from April 2017 to February 2020. More information on the programme and gifts can be found on the Estonia 100 website

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