Children's book „Snupsi” travels to Estonian schools around the world

English version of  "Snupsi" arrives to Estonian schools around the world.

The freshly published English version of Estonian children’s book “Snupsi” travels to different Estonian schools around the world.

Estonia’s anniversary and literature were in the centre of attention also in the London Book Fair in April 2018. This time the focus of the fair was on the Baltic literature, where amongst other literary works of Estonian authors was children’s book “Snupsi” (by Hanno Parksepp, me), published originally in 2015 by publishing house Hea Lugu. In 2018 the English version of Snupsi was published, translated by Juta Ristsoo and with even more adventurous illustrations from Mariann Joa.

It is not often, that Estonian children books are being translated into foreign languages. And as literary translations are seeking to find readers across boundaries, the best start for Snupsi would be to reach the Estonian schools around the globe. Thus I have decided to give my first translations as a present and Snupsi and his chaps will travel to 25 schools globally via the Estonian Institute to find new friends.

All of the characters of the book are sculpted from plasticine by hand and they have been the basis for the book's illustrations. Some of the characters can now also be found as 3D prints and hand painted. To be more acquainted with Snupsi’s world and how it came into being, the best place to visit is

All the Snupsi books should arrive to the schools around the world with the help of Estonian Institute within this Spring/Summer.


Hanno Parksepp

Lasteraamatu "Snupsi" autor.