Come Home!

We will invite 100+ estonians who have either moved away from Hamilton or haven't been active in the community for some time to "come home" and celebrate Estonia's centennial together.

The Hamilton Estonian Society (Hamilton, ON Canada) is forming a committee to compile a list of estonians who have moved away from Hamilton or have not participated in the community for some time. It is estimated that over 100 individuals can be identified. Then contact information for each will be sought so that they can be invited "home" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia's independence together at our Anniversary Ball, which will take place on Friday Feb. 23, 2018. We wish to make this a gift to Estonia because estonians, no matter where in the world fate has taken them, belong to one family and as families do, we gather together to celebrate important family milestones. Those who can't be in Estonia to celebrate the centennial can come home to Hamilton!

The "Come Home!" Committee will begin compiling the list of names at the beginning of November 2017 with the aim of seeking contact information starting mid month. Invitations to the ball should go out before Christmas although names can be added until the middle of February 2018.


Hamiltoni Eesti Selts

Hamiltoni Eesti Selts, Hamilton, ON Canada Meie selts on aastast 1949 tegutsenud, korraldades nii kohaliku Eesti kui ka Kanada ühiskondadele üritusi eesti kultuuri ja keele alalhoidmise eesmärgiga. Hamiltonis tegutseb veel eesti kool iga teine pühapäev, Hamiltoni Eesti Seltsi Segakoor, luteriusu kogudus, pensionäride klubi ja Ham. Eesti Võitlejate Ühing.