For companies

Business community invited to contribute to the Estonia 100 centenary celebrations
There a three major ways that businesses can contribute to the Estonia 100 programme:

  • By introducing special products and services in honour of Estonia’s centenary
  • By giving gifts to Estonia for its centenary
  • By organising events or supporting gifts and events that are already planned in the Estonia 100 programme

Supporting events or gifts in the Estonia 100 programme

There are already more than 200 initiatives in the Estonia 100 programme, which means that every company should be able to find something suitable among the variety listed here. Potential contributors can contact the organisers of the gifts and events directly though the website by registering an account for their company, clicking on “Löön kaasa” (“I’ll contribute”) and writing a short note to explain how they wish to lend a hand.
Companies that do not find a suitable gift or event to get involved in are encouraged to come up with their own events or gifts in honour of Estonia’s centenary.
All initiatives must comply with the values of Estonia 100, including that the primary purpose of the event cannot be to make a profit for the company.

Products and services in honour of Estonia’s centenary

Companies are invited to introduce products and services in honour of Estonia’s centenary which will feature the Estonia 100 logo and design. Whereas use of the Estonia 100 logo and design is free of charge for those who contribute to the Estonia 100 programme, a percentage of the money earned through the sale of centenary products and services must be donated towards supporting one or more of the gifts or events in the Estonia 100 programme. The Estonia 100 team will be happy to help your company find a suitable recipient.
There will be no exclusive rights granted in relation to the centenary, which means that all companies are welcome to offer Estonia 100-related products. Companies are also free to decide whether they wish to provide an established, popular product with a centenary flavour and festive packaging or rather come up with something new and unique especially for this occasion. All products must be of high quality and should contribute to celebrating Estonia’s centenary, or to telling the story of Estonia’s 100 years of history, of Estonia today or of Estonia in the future.
Companies that wish to market Estonia 100 products or services using the Estonia 100 logo and design are requested to contact Estonia 100 Marketing Consultant Liisi Taremäe ( 

Use of the Estonia 100 logo

The Estonia 100 logo can be downloaded here. If the logo is to be used for profit making purposes, the user must first sign a contract with Government Office, in which the percentage of the turnover that will be contributed to an Estonia 100 gift as well as the particular gift that will benefit will be determined for each company individually.
As the focus of Estonia 100 is on children and youth, the Estonia 100 logo will not be permitted on alcohol or tobacco products. The logo may also not be used for purposes that conflict with the values of Estonia 100 or generally recognised good practice.