Cumpleaños de Estonia | Eesti sünnipäev

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia in Colombia, organized by the Estonian Association of Colombia (Asociación Estonia de Colombia - ASOESTONIA).

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

The Estonian Association of Colombia (Asociación Estonia de Colombia - ASOESTONIA) will celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia partnering with the Spanish language platform

The celebration party (commemoration of the Proclamation of Independence of Estonia, toast and dinner, followed by a cultural program and presentation of Estonia as a business and touristic destination) which will take place on 23.02.2018 together with the platform and many other activities that will be held in local schools ("Paint Estonia Competition") and universities ("Estonian film season", "Olav Roots: Estonian pianist and composer who taught Colombia how to play classical music", "Estonia in Cátedra Europa 2018", "E-estonia, a new conception of business" ) constitutes our gift to Estonia.

On the other hand, the platform will be entirely dedicated to the hundred years of the Republic of Estonia and will preserve Estonian culture and language also taking care of promoting Estonian lifestyle and innovation in this part of the world. We firmly believe that this platform has an enormous and significant potential spreading the word about Estonia as a nation in Colombia, in Latin America and throughout the Spanish speaking world (more than 570 millions of people).

In the platform all Estonian users, friends of Estonia and sympathizers of Estonia will find a friendly and optimistic source of information about Estonia in Spanish language in text and audio (with a periodic podcast in which we will feature Estonia's landmarks, Estonia's history and culture, Estonian language, Estonian innovation and entrepreneurship and Estonians building future abroad).

Cumpleaños de Estonia - Eesti sünnipäev 

Where: Hilton Garden Inn Barranquilla, Carrera 53 100-86 Barranquilla, Colombia. 

Hotel is located just 10 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport.

When: 23.02.2018 | 19.00 

The schedule for the rest of activities are yet to be published, as they are third institutions involved (schools and universities).

This celebration and all of the activities commemorating the hundred years of the Republic of Estonia, organized by the Estonian Association of Colombia are free of charge, however an invitation is required.

You may contact Estonian Association of Colombia - Asociación Estonia de Colombia ASOESTONIA for RSVP: +573013603674

Contact: Otilia Arce

We are currently working on the website - for this reason is currently unavailable. It will be launched on celebration party. 


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