The Drama 2018 Festival will be the theatrical marathon of the centuryPublished: 03.09.2018

On 3 September, the Estonian Theatre Festival Drama 2018 kicked off in Tartu. During this unique marathon of performances, all of the works of the Estonia 100 theatre series “A Century’s Story” will be performed, through which the story of the process of achieving independence is told.

"This really is the theatre marathon of the century, since the Drama 2018 festival brings together all of the Estonia 100 productions of “A Century’s Story"," Margus Kasterpalu, head of Estonia 100 major events said. "The biggest cooperative project in the history of Estonian theatre so far will thereby see its worthy conclusion," Kasterpalu added.

From 3 to 9 September, well-known and outstanding productions of Estonian theatre will be performed in Tartu. During the anniversary year, a big part of the theatre programme is “A Century’s Story”, which also forms the Baltic Theatre Forum programme at the festival.

"On the 100th anniversary of our nation, we are discussing national themes, including the topic of becoming ourselves and staying ourselves through the medium of the art of theatre," Drama 2018 artistic director Ivar Põllu said. "All the performances telling the story of Estonia’s century will also be translated into English. We can thereby introduce Estonia’s dramaturgy and history to international guests and create stronger cooperative ties," Põllu added.

More information regarding the Drama 2018 programme can be found at

In addition to the performances and subsequent discussions, the following events are also planned:

  • Presentation of the book "Theatre Life" on 5 September at 2 pm at the restaurant Vilde and Vine
  • Opening of the stained glass art exhibition of former Endla Theatre director Ain Roost "A Hundred Years on the Other Side of Glass" at the Estonian National Museum on 4 September at 12:00 noon
  • Opening of the exhibition "View Inside", which reflects the creative process of technical theatrical workers, at Vanemuine Theatre’s Small House on 3 September at 17:00
  • For the first time, the Teater NO99 dance marathon will be held in Tartu at the Uus Teater (New Theatre) on 8 September
  • A concert of songs featured in the Tartu New Theatre's production "A Practical History of Estonia" on 7 September at 2 pm in Tartu's New Theater
  • The theatre series "The Story of a Century" is the gift of the Estonian Performing Arts Association and participating theaters on the occasion of Estonia’s centenary. The series consists of a total of 13 productions, the collaborative work of 22 theatres and narrates the (life)story of Estonia’s independence. Get acquainted with performances at

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