Edward von Lõngus is in HelsinkiPublished: 22.08.2017

The streets of Pasila now host some quirky characters from about a hundred years ago, brought to life by a mysterious street artist, Edward von Lõngus and augmented reality technologies. The (R)estart Reality art project takes Lõngus on tour all over Europe to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his home country, Estonia, who also holds the EU presidency for the second half of 2017.

Foto: Ruudu Rahumaru

Helsinki is the third city after Brussels and Rome to welcome the time-travelling characters. They will appear in Pasila, which was declared Helsinki´s street art district in March 2017. The first larger painting festival in Eastern Pasila, in which Edward von Lõngus also participates, will take place in August 14-20

At first sight positioned as observers on the streets of a foreign country, Lõngus´s characters will invite passers-by to get to know them better via smartphones and tablets. Augmented reality technology will wake them to life. There´s for example Ats#Pets, an electric bagpipe duo from Soonda, jamming with the locals. We can also see the reappearance of Miina and Enn, who spent some time being stuck in a mail server after a malfunction of a self-built time machine, after being hit by an eager graffiti removal crew in Tallinn.

You can also see three ladies from a hundred years ago, who magically turn into young girls. “It´s wonderful to see the artworks function really cross-culturally here. The Swedish artists, who are doing a huge improvisational work next to our three ladies, told us that they called their own grandmothers after seeing Lõngus´s work, as felt that their grannies might have really great ideas about what should be included in their work,” says Kadri Uus, Coordinator(R)estart Reality and one of the founders of NOAR.eu.

(R)estart Reality is an innovative art project of celebrating Estonia’s 100th anniversary and Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. It´s a novel concept of public space art that through creative technologies and humour tells a story that all Europeans are part of. The project is implemented by Estonian contemporary art platform NOAR.eu.  The augmented reality app is available for at www.RestartReality.org/app.

Pasila street art district is an initiative carried out by Helsinki Urban Art in collaboration with street artists from Finland and elsewhere. The largest cooperation partner of the initiative is the network of European national institutes of culture, EUNIC Finland, with whose support artists are brought to Finland from different places around the world. The initiative is also supported by Estonian Institute in Finland.

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