Enigmatic street artist Edward von Lõngus begins tour of EuropePublished: 14.06.2017

As part of the Tallinn Art Week art festival a number of buildings in Tallinn were embellished overnight with graffiti depicting fantasy characters that will accompany Estonia’s most famous and mysterious street artist, Edward von Lõngus, as he sets out on his European tour.

KIVIKUNINGAS: Tallinn Art Weeki üks vedajatest Kadri Uus avas salapärase tänavakunstniku Edward von Lõnguse Euroopa turnee teosega kivikuningast, kes mobiilirakenduse abil koguni ellu ärkab. Foto: Robin Roots

These characters are more or less the same age as the Republic of Estonia, and their appearance is a most unique way to mark Estonia’s upcoming centenary. Using the augmented reality app that you can download at www.restartreality.ee, you can bring these characters to life. The app will be available in time for von Lõngus’ European tour that has been organised as part of the Estonia 100 centenary celebrations and also to mark the artist’s tenth anniversary.

Von Lõngus’ work will be exhibited in a number of European capitals, including Brussels, Rome, Helsinki and Berlin. But who is behind the mysterious pseudonym Edward von Lõngus? Apparently, no one really knows, while the artist himself has said that what is important is art and ideas, since who knows if physical form even really exists.

The organisers will take to make sure that no one will “erase” this graffiti prematurely, although some question where the border lies between graffiti art and simply defacing a wall. Kadri Uus, head organiser of Tallinn Art Week admits that the line between the two is different for different people, but is confident that von Lõngus will remain popular with his ability to hack into our cultural code and produce works that resonate with the public and provide relevant social criticism as well.

Source of article: Õhtuleht


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