The Eskola run

On 19 January, the Eskola run is held in Narva in honour of the Finnish volunteers who died in the Estonian War of Independence. Participation is free of charge but requires prior registration.


The route of the Eskola run has been changed! Beginning of the run is from Narva Town Hall Square at 10 a.m. on 19 January. New route: 

Register for the half marathon held in honour of Anto Eskola at

Participation is free of charge!

The Eskola run is held in parallel with the Utria Dessant military competition. The run is public. 

Additional information and organisers: Anton Pratkunas, city government of Narva-Jõesuu, Aet Kiisla, Gurmeejooksud MTÜ, Hannele Valkeeniemi, the Finnish embassy in Tallinn,

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3,700 Finns fought in the Estonian War of Independence. They formed the 1st Volunteer Corps and the Northern Sons regiment. The Finns made a crucial contribution, especially in the early stages of the battles, because Estonia’s own forces were relatively small.

Eskola, a historical figure of the War of Independence, is remembered as the hero of Narva. President Konstantin Päts honoured Anto Eskola with the title “Conqueror of Narva”. The company made a rather courageous running march by the River of Narva, from Riigiküla, 8 kilometres away, straight to the Narva Town Hall, which they reached on 18 January 1919 at 5.20 p.m. Eskola assigned machine gunners to their positions and sent the patrols to clean the city. They were soon joined by the 2nd Volunteer Corps.

The following day, Narva was freed. The Utria landing occurred on 17–19 January 1919, during the Estonian War of Independence, where Estonian military units, mostly consisting of Finnish volunteers, landed in the Utria beach. The landing was led by Admiral Johan Pitka.