Estonia's 100 oaks

The Government Office's gift "Estonia's 100 oaks" provided Estonia with over twenty-five oak parks, groves and boulevards, and more than six thousand oak trees were planted during the spring and summer of its centenary year in Estonia and beyond. The preparations for the gift begun already in 2013 by dozens of municipalities, schools and kindergartens throughout Estonia.


Foto: Riigikantselei

Wrapping up of the gift

On June 19, 2018, the Government Office's gift "Estonia's 100 oaks” came to a proud conclusion at Stenbock House, the seat of the Government of Estonia. You can view photos from all of the school and local government thank you events here. (Photos by Aron Urb / Estonia100)

Why was it fitting to give Estonia the gift of an oak for the 100th anniversary of its independence?

The oak has been a sacred tree for Estonians throughout the ages and is the source of many legends, rituals and beliefs. Thanks to the long lifespan of oaks, our stories and dreams can thereby be carried on to future generations. The oak is a symbol of strength and perseverance that is well suited to symbolize Estonia’s centennial.

How can I plant my own "Estonia's 100 oak" oak or oak grove?

An oak or oak park can be planted for Estonia’s centenary in your own home garden, at an ancestral home or in a spot chosen by the community for this purpose.
You can plant a seedling you have grown or oaks you have purchased at a nursery. 
Individuals, companies and organizations, both in Estonia and abroad, are welcome to participate in presenting such a gift.
We would appreciate you sharing your oak planting stories with us at:

The planting and opening of “Estonia’s 100 oak" parks

"Estonia 100 oak" parks were planted in the spring and early summer of the centenary year using seedlings grown by children from schools and kindergartens across Estonia. Every county in Estonia received at least one new oak grove. All in all, more than 6000 oak trees were planted across Estonia and beyond during the year 2018. 

See the map with oak tree groves planted across Estonia for Estonia's centenary here.

Mari Valgepea
Manager of the "Estonia’s 100 oaks" project
Tel: +372 518 4716
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