Estonia 100 and Estonian EU Presidency international programme competition of creative solutions in the public spaces of foreign countriesFinished

In the first half of 2017, Estonia will hold the EU presidency and in 2018, Estonia will celebrate its centenary. Both events will provide a great opportunity to draw more international attention towards Estonia. A competition has been launched to find creative ideas and creative solutions for how to promote Estonia in the public spaces of foreign countries in the second half of 2017 and 2018. 

Puidust metsakõlakojad ''Ruup''. Birgit Õiguse joonistus

All artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals who wish to participate in making Estonia visible and known internationally in the first half of 2017 and in 2018 are welcome to participate in the competition.  
The ideas and creative solutions should: 

  • attract attention in the public space, be attractive and ''speak to'' passers-by;
  • arouse the curiosity of passers-by about Estonia;
  • have the potential for wide-spread distribution on social media.

The ideas and creative solutions must be:

  •   easily transportable, so that they can be used and shown repeatedly in different locations;
  •  in English when using text, and must be easily adaptable to other languages; 
  • within the budget of the competition;
  •  safe and environmentally friendly. 

Preference will be given to ideas and creative solutions that do not require difficult construction, time-consuming approval or 24/7 security.
The following items and documents must be submitted with the description of the idea or creative solution (eg video, sound, space, and/or light installation, sculpture or activity in the public space): 

  1. Written conception and implementation plan, which describes the following:
  • how does the piece “speak to'' passers-by and participants? 
  • what is its message? 
  • its international dimension - why is it intriguing? 
  • what channels and means of communication should be used to best disseminate it? 
  • what is the potential for its wide-spread distribution on social media? 
  • any specific requirements for exhibiting the work, and all costs related to exhibiting the work in the various locations, including the time, transport and workforce needed to exhibit, assemble and reassemble the piece.
  1. A list of possible locations which the applicant considers most suitable for the work or performance (eg parks, squares, pedestrian streets, etc.). A specific location in a particular city may also be proposed, with the reasons for this choice. The aim is to exhibit the work in many different locations, depending on its conception and the difficulty of its implementation. 

       3.Visual material (sketches, plans, animations, models, etc.). 

Winner                                    5 000 euros
2nd place                                3 000 euros
3rd place                                  2 000 euros
Special prize                           1 000 euros
More information and documents for participating in the competition are available (in Estonian) at:
The deadline for submission: 22 June 2016 at 15.00 (3 pm) Tallinn time (EET) 
 For more information on the Estonia 100 international programme:
Jorma Sarv,, phone +372 502 3343
Heilika Pikkov,, phone +372 5691 2091

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