Estonia 100 and the National Foundation of Civil Society (NFCS) Support Initiatives Designed as Presents to Estonia for its Centennial Published: 19.02.2016

The Estonia 100 organising committee and the National Foundation of Civil Society (NFCS) will add, through joint application rounds, further incentive for initiatives to celebrate the important anniversary of the Republic of Estonia next year.    

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Besides an earlier application round launched by the NFCS, aimed at supporting the organisation of major international events in Estonia by NGOs, two more opportunities to give presents to Estonia for its centennial have been provided. This is being done in cooperation between NFCS and the Estonia 100 organising committee. One of the application rounds has a more narrowed focus on children and youth projects related to physical activity and nature, while the other – initiatives as presents for Estonia’s 100th anniversary – has a broader scope.  

Initiatives targeting children and young people
During Estonia’s anniversary celebrations, from April 2017 to February 2020, all legal persons will have an opportunity to apply for funding towards the implementation of innovative nation-wide initiatives. Initiatives which target children and young people seeking to develop their exercise habits, creativity and ingenuity.

“The Estonia 100 programme focuses on children and young people; therefore, we have launched a specific application round to support the initiatives targeting that age group. We want to offer them more opportunities for physical activity, for expressing their creativity and for spending time in nature,” says Maarja-Liisa Soe, Estonia 100 Programme Manager.

While the main project activities are expected to take place within the above timeframe, preparations may already begin this coming summer.
Applicants may apply for support of up to 30% of the total project cost and there is no upper limit on the amount of support. Deadline for applications is 10 April 2016.  

Estonia 100 birthday presents:
The second application round has a broader thematic focus. Any actions, endeavours, or events that could make life in Estonia better, more joyful, and create a more secure future for our children, can be put forward as a present.

“Our country’s birthday is a birthday for all of us and we should all think about what to give to our community and our nation; what Estonia and its people need. It would be great if each present had a long-lasting impact so that in the future we could say: We made this for Estonia’s centennial. For inspiration visit the Estonia 100 website to see other presents,” explained Soe.
The application round will be carried out in two stages. Initial ideas should be submitted to the website of NFCS by 4 April 2016. After which the Estonia 100 Steering Group will create a shortlist of the top 25 candidates who can go ahead with developing more detailed projects to be submitted for final assessment no later than 30 May 2016.

The maximum amount of funding per project is €15,000 and applicants may apply for support of up to 30% of the total project cost.

Innovation and cooperation
Both application rounds welcome innovative ideas that can be implemented together.

“NFCS has for years supported innovative ideas and initiatives put forward by NGOs. We hope that NGOs will also have many great ideas about how to contribute to the celebrations through various initiatives. As always, with a focus on working together with other associations, local governments and entrepreneurs,” says Mari-Liis Dolenko, Manager of NGO support programme.

Further information regarding each application round is available at: (only organisations registered in Estonia may apply)

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