Estonia 100 Architectural design competition for Elva town centre public spaceFinished

The Union of Estonian Architects, in collaboration with Elva City Government, is pleased to announce the launch of an architectural design competition for developing public space in the centre of Elva – Kesk Street and the surrounding contact zone.

Sille Annuk

The deadline for entries is 7 March 2016 at 4 p.m. The winners will be announced by 31 March 2016.
‘Elva is pleased to join the local authorities that desire to revive their town centre by the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. We believe that the ‘Great Public Space’ programme implemented in cooperation with the Union of Estonian Architects provides an excellent opportunity for that,’ said Eva Kams, Mayor of Elva. ‘Our goal is to return Elva’s main street to the position it deserves and to give new life to the town centre as a whole.’
 ‘The aim of the competition is to find a spatial solution for the centre of Elva – Kesk Street and the surrounding contact zone.
We welcome solutions that see the area as one functional and spatial whole and the most presentable part of the town,’ said the author of the terms of reference for the competition, architect Kalle Komissarov.

The prize fund of €15,500 is provided by Elva City Government, while the organisation costs are covered by the Government Office.
The reference number of the competition in the Public Procurement Register is 169734.
The competition is launched within the framework of the EV 100 architectural programme Great Public Space, with the objective to plan and convert the public spaces, main squares or high streets of 15 attraction poles across Estonia by 2020. The project is managed by the Union of Estonian Architects in cooperation with the Organising Committee of Estonia 100.
Project Great Public Space aims to transform town centres – one of the objectives of the national regional policy. The project seeks to organise and convert the centres of small towns into venues for cultural events and leisure activities, giving priority to non-motorised mobility. Turning town centres into more convivial areas will give a boost to businesses and prevent urban sprawl.

Further information:
Kalle Vellevoog
Deputy Chairman of the Union of the Estonian Architects
Phone: 506 7586

Eva Kams, Mayor of Elva
Phone: 730 9880

Kalle Komissarov
the Union of the Estonian Architects,author of the terms of reference for the competition
Phone: 554 0203

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