Estonia 100 area at Opinion Festival 2016 – is Estonia's upcoming centenary everyone's celebration? Published: 04.08.2016

In 2018 Estonia will celebrate one of the most special milestones in its history, its 100th anniversary. Plans for the festivities are already underway. Estonia’s upcoming centenary has given us the perfect opportunity to come together at the Opinion Festival on 12 and 13 August to consider and discuss what kinds of gifts we would like to give Estonia and what Estonia’s centenary means to us. 

Pilt: Arvamusfestival ja EV100

The Estonia 100 area will be buzzing with pre-centenary excitement throughout the entire festival. On 12 and 13 August seven different discussion forums will be held in cooperation with various organisations, experts and the audience. The Estonian Institute has organised a forum 'Roots or Sprouts' to try to determine whether it would be more important for us to concentrate on our indigenous ties with nature or give a boost to Estonian start-ups to help them achieve a global dimension. Discussion forums will also be held to contemplate our national holidays and observances and how they relate to our core values. We will explore what holidays other than Christmas and Midsummer Estonians celebrate, and what these mean to us. In cooperation with Estonian World we have invited a number of intriguing non-Estonians who live amongst us to see whether they consider Estonia's centenary to be their celebration, too, or whether they feel that they are simply guests at someone else's party. We will also look a gift horse in the mouth and try to come up with ideas for gifts that we could all give ourselves on this special occasion. What do we value as a people and a state? What effect does globalisation have on the Estonian identity? In what direction is the social and cultural identity of our young people heading? A musical programme will keep you entertained between the forums and you can also enjoy something to eat and drink at the popular pop-up café 'Amps, Lonks ja Õlekõrs' located next to the Estonia 100 area.
Estonia 100 area discussion forums
Friday, August 12th
Children of a borderless world: what are they like and where do they belong?
The forum will focus on Estonian children who have grown up in the new, borderless and mobile world. Estonia's centenary will also be celebrated by children and young people for whom the concepts of state and independence mean something entirely different than they do for their parents and grandparents. Where do they belong – these children who may have multiple citizenship, who live either permanently or periodically in more than one country at a time and whose understanding of our the world is far broader than that of their parents? We will look at the development of national and social identity, at the tasks and goals facing our educational system and many other issues relating to our children and young people in our mobile, diverse and borderless world. The forum has been organised by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly.
Moderators: Kristina Kallas and Tiit Tammaru
Panelists: Kaja Kallas, Aune Valk and Helle Kullerkupp
I pay taxes and obey the law – what else do you want from me? (in Russian)
In 2018, the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on what gifts we would like to give Estonia and ourselves on this occasion. Should we solve some social problems, build a 4-lane highway between Tallinn and Narva or throw a big party? Are we ready to contribute to our own well-being or should be always look to the state for help? The forum has being organised in cooperation with the ETV+ television channel.
Moderators: Olga Korneitsik and Dmitri Pastuhhov
Panelists: Artur Tooman, Maksim Volkov and Polina Volkova
How can we give Estonia the gift of a million good citizens?
What better gift for Estonia for its centenary than to be a good citizen! Each and every one of us can do something to help ensure that there are more and more good citizens: we can donate to charity, volunteer, move to the countryside, lend a helping hand wherever it is needed... There are many ways we can contribute to Estonia. And when we give, we also provide an example. We'll discuss ways to spread the good citizen bug faster, higher and stronger! The forum has being organised by the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.
Moderator: Kerttu Sepp
Group discussion leaders: Keit Fomotškin, Dmitri Moskovtsev, Tuuli Roosma, Siim Maripuu, Eiki Nestor, Teele Pehk and Liina Kivisild
Roots or sprouts?
Is the Estonian identity more "Mikita-esque" or "startup-esque"? Does our strength lie in appreciating our roots or should we work together to boost our home-grown startups with a global dimension? Who is the more 'true Estonian'? The discussion will look at the changing Estonian identity in a globalising world. The discussion has being organised by the Estonian Institute.
Moderator: Jüri Muttika
Panelists: Sten Tamkivi, Kaidi Ruusalepp, Andres Kütt and Maarja Vaino
Saturday, August 13th

Birthday celebration with cake for all birthday boys and girls
Everyone who is celebrating a birthday during the festival is invited to come join us in the Estonia 100 area to enjoy some birthday cake and a birthday song.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth?
We all want to receive something for our birthdays – and especially for a jubilee birthday – that we haven't been able to or haven't had a good excuse to acquire before. Something that we have only been able to dream of – or maybe not even. We will talk about some of the gifts that we could – and maybe even should – give ourselves on the occasion of Estonia's upcoming centenary. Or not.
Moderator: Margus Kasterpalu
Panelists: Raul Rebane, Aivar Pohlak, Riina Raudne and Kadi Kenk
Our family celebration – just a celebration or an expression of our core values?
What determines the dates that have some significance for us? The folk calendar, national holidays, family traditions, a liturgical calendar or something else entirely? The Estonia 100 centenary celebrations will be as diverse as are the Estonian people. We will talk about 'our family celebration', that is, our personal experiences on how and what we celebrate and why this is important to us.  
Moderator: Jaanus Rohumaa
Panelists: Rein Sikk, Merle Liivak and Peeter Tali
See you all in Paide!

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