Estonia 100 art programme launches in full gearPublished: 05.07.2017

The Estonia 100 organising committee, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia and Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center are pleased to announce that the Estonia 100 art programme “One Hundred Art Landscapes” has begun. A wide range of events are being held already this summer across Estonia. 

14-15 July 2017 – video and performance festival “Futu Muhu 2017. 100 Years” at the Estonian Artists’ Association Art in Residence Centre on Muhu Island.  The first day of the festival, July 15, will be dedicated to performance art and music while July 15 will feature video presentations and interviews with the public.
14 July – 24 August 2017 Karel Koplimets will organise an event “Case No. 13. Waiting for a ship made of empties” on the Helsinki-Tallinn route that looks at the consumption of alcohol and the problem of alcohol bottles and cans with Estonian excise stickers in Finland. The artist will build a raft made of alcohol cans from Estonia in Helsinki and sail the raft across the Gulf of Finland so he can return the empties to their homeland in Estonia. A video documentary will be made of the event, which will be premiered at the KUMU art museum on 24 August and featured at the joint Estonia-Finland exhibition at the Virka Gallery in Helsinki from 13 October 2017 to 25 February 2018.
 On 21 July 2017, the first event of Pire Sova and Pille Õnnepalu’s project “The Magical Beauty of Freedom” will be held in the Püant bookstore in Tallinn. While visiting the exhibition, the themes of freedom in society, creativity, religiousness and power will be discussed. These themes have been inspired by Pille Õnnepalu’s novel "Rääkimine vaikimine nutmine: vabaduse seletamatu ilu" (Talking, being silent, crying: the inexplicable beauty of freedom). The exhibition and events will be held in the Püant bookstore in Tallinn from 21 July to 11 August, and starting from 18 August in the Avatud Ateljee art gallery in Võru.
From 24 July to 6 August the artists’ association Kraam (Minna Hint and Killu Sukmit) invite you to a “Wall of kindness” summer tour. The idea for the tour originates in Iran where a local started a charity drive which was originally intended to help the homeless. Clothes were left out for people in need. The movement chose the motto “leave [clothes here], if you do not need” and “take [them], if you need”. Kraam’s summer tour bus will set out to travel throughout Estonia on 24 July, making a total of 13 stops in different locations in Ida-Virumaa county.
On 23 August 2017, a joint exhibition of two artists – Olga Chernysheva who works in Moscow and Jaan Toomik who works in Tallinn – will open in the Teminikova and Kasela Gallery. Both artists have used a variety of media over the years in their work and developed a very sensitive style in which personal stories and political narratives are intertwined. Their joint project consists of two simultaneous events: Olga Chernysheva’s solo exhibition in the Temnikova and Kasela Gallery, and Jaan Toomik’s installation at Tallinn’s Central Market.
The Estonia 100 art programme is focused on contemporary art, to reflect upon the present and future of the Estonian state. The programme includes 38 art events that will be held over three years in different locations throughout Estonia.
The winning submissions in the art programme competition were selected in two rounds in 2016 and 2017. All of the winning projects treat themes related to Estonia through a contemporary art lens, to help the public celebrate Estonia’s centenary through art experiences.
Click here for more information on the Estonia 100 contemporary art programme. 



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