Estonia 100 Father's Day

On 11 November everyone is awaited to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, where Father's Day will be celebrated in Estonian centenary style.

Family event

Music will be performed by the Estonian Defence Forces Orchestra, Swingers, Ariadne and Vajé. The Defence Forces will be on site with their military machines. As per tradition, the recipient of the Father of the Year award will also be announced. The Father's Day concert and programme can be viewed live on ETV. The event is free for everyone!


11.00 The Estonian Defence Forces Orchestra
12.00 Vajé
13.00 Ariadne
13.40 Swingers, Tanja and Birgit
14.00 Greeting the Father of the Year
14.20 Swingers, Tanja and Birgit

In addition:

Lots of different and exciting gear and military machines from defence forces and allies forces that can be explored, climbed on etc:
-The presentation the car "Estonia" which served in the Estonian War of Independence
-Outdoor hospital
And much more.

The event is organised by Estonia 100 Organising Committee and the Estonian Defence Forces. 



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