Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week group hikes are nearing their final destinationPublished: 24.08.2018

The final stages of the RMK Great Group Hikes in the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week programme take place today, August 24. The nation-wide joint hikes organised to commemorate Estonia’s centenary end August 25 with a post hike celebration in Aegviidu, the last stop for all the groups that embarked on hikes on August 6.

“There is one final day left of the extremely popular RMK centenary year hikes which culminate on August 25 with a celebration at Aegviidu for all participants and interested individuals,” said Estonia 100 Head of Programme Maarja-Liisa Soe from the State Chancellery. “Although all spots for the hikes are taken, anyone can join the group at the Voose campsite this evening at 9 p.m. for a bonfire night where interpretations of Arvo Pärt’s composition “Ukuaru Waltz” will be performed by UMA, Tõnu Raadik and Indrek Kruusimaa,” added Soe.

This RMK hiking event dedicated to the 100 year long story and history of Estonia begins at the Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa campsite at 9 p.m. and is free of charge. Information about registering and taking part can be found at

A selection of today’s Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week events

•    RMK Great Group Hike: The Hiieveski-Aegviidu leg of the group hike from Ikla to Aegviidu starts at the Hiieveski campfire site. Today hikers will cover 21 km and will arrive at the Noku campfire site in the evening.
•    RMK Great Group Hike: The fourth leg of the hike from Penijõe to Aegviidu is from the Paunküla hills to Aegviidu and takes 2 days. The starting point is the Paulküla campfire site. Hikers cover 22 km per day.
•    RMK Great Group Hike: The hike from Oandu to Aegviidu continues with a trek from Paukjärve to Jussi
•    Estonia 100 art program project “Tuleraamat” arrives in Kuressaare Castle, Saaremaa. Artists Urmas Puhkan, Kärt Seppel, Aigi Orav, Külli Kõiv, Lauri Kilusk, Kadri Pärnamets ja Segei Isupov from Asuurkeraamika Studio travel across Estonia making ceramic works of art from local materials in collaborative workshops.
•    24-25 August – Narva Urban Lab “NARVA – DETROIT: Postindustrial Cities on the Border – Where to?”. This international urban lab will critically assess questions surrounding transforming cityscapes to envision and experiment with new solutions regarding further development.
•    7 p.m. - Theatre piece “Isamaa pääsukesed” (“Swallows of the Fatherland”) at the Keila Culture Centre. The collaborative piece by the Estonian Drama Theatre and Nargen Opera in the Estonia 100 theatre series “Sajandi lugu” (“Tale of the Century”) takes us back to the years 2000-2010.
•    8 p.m. - Curly Strings concert in Rutja, Lääne-Viru County
•    8:30 p.m. - Estonia 100 centenary adventure: Illuminated rafting discovery trek in the Rummu quarry. Discover what lies 8 metres below the surface.
•    9 p.m. - Eighth Estonia 100 Tour d’ÖÖ group bike ride, this time in Tartu. During the Estonia 100 week of festivities, Tour d’ÖÖ is commemorating Estonia’s 100th birthday with a tour of tours, cycling through the streets of 11 cities.

During the country’s centenary, the anniversary of the restoration of Estonian independence is celebrated with a festive summer week which brings together Estonians and their friends at major events. The Estonia 100 week of summer celebrations kicked off on August 17 with the first Estonian Poetry Festival in Rakvere and will come to a close August 25 with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all across Estonia. All of the more than 200 Grand Celebration Week events can be found at

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