Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week introduces first Estonian Nature DayPublished: 18.08.2018

Saturday, August 18 is the first nation-wide Estonian Nature Day. The second day of the Estonia 100 summer celebrations offers more than 50 events that showcase Estonia’s nature and its diversity.

Approximately 50 events await nature lovers during the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week. With direction from the best guides there are, we can discover the flora and fauna surrounding us,” said  Estonia 100 Head of Programme Maarja-Liisa Soe. “Hikes, workshops and tours offer exciting encounters with bats and even wolves. The Tallinn-Harku Aerology Station and the Tartu-Tõravere Meteorological Station are opening their doors as well,” lists Soe.

On Estonian Nature Day, various nature centres, museums, associations and societies invite us to explore ways in which to better acquaint ourselves with nature as well as how to appreciate and protect it. The Estonian Nature Day programme can be viewed here. The day kicks off with a hike from Järva-Madise to Vargamäe, followed by opening ceremonies at the A. H. Tammsaare Museum.

Estonian Nature Day events are organised by the Estonian Nature Society, the Republic of Estonia Environmental Board, the Estonian Museum of Natural History, the State Forest Management Centre, the Estonian Fund for Nature and the Looduse Omnibuss nature club, just to name a few.

See Estonian Nature Day events here.

A selection of events on Day 2 of the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week: 

•    10 a.m. - Estonian Nature Day opening event hike from Järva-Madise Church to Vargamäe. Opening ceremony begins 12 p.m. at the A. H. Tammsaare Museum.
•    7 p.m - “Bright Night at Keila-Joa” is an Estonian Nature Day event where Keila-Joa Park will be lit up by awesome light installations, workshops will take place and Vaiko Eplik will take to the stage.
•    9 p.m. - Start of the second Tour d'ÖÖ (Tour of the Night) bike tour in Kärdla. Tour d’ÖÖ x EV100 public bike rides will travel through 11 Estonian cities. Everyone is welcome to participate.
•    9 p.m -  Hiiumaa’s First Night Song Festival. The choirs of Hiiumaa will perform pieces by the island’s well-known composer and also recite some poetry from Hiiumaa.
•    First stage of the RMK public hike from Penijõe to Aegviidu begins. RMK is organising a big public hike along their trails to bring together hiking enthusiasts across Estonia and thus commemorate Estonia’s centenary. 

The highlights of the Estonia 100 festive summer week will be broadcast on Estonian Television. 

In honour of the country’s centenary, the re-independence of the Republic of Estonia will be celebrated with a Grand Celebration Week which will bring Estonians and their friends together at large joint events. The Estonia 100 week of summer celebrations kicked off on August 17 with the first Estonian Poetry Festival in Rakvere and comes to a close August 25 with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all across Estonia. All of the more than 200 Grand Celebration Week events can be found at

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