Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week reaches halfway markPublished: 21.08.2018

The Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week will reach its halfway mark on August 21. A total of more than 200 events will take place during the week-long programme from August 17-25.

Photo: Aron Urb/Estonia 100

“This week of celebration commemorating the restoration of Estonian independence has brought with it an abundance of emotions and has brought people together to celebrate this day that is so important to us,” said Estonia 100 Head of Programme Maarja-Liisa Soe from the State Chancellery. “Very large numbers turned out to experience the poetry festival in Rakvere, all the Estonian Nature Day events and the Estonia 100 sing-along as well,” added Soe. 

According to Maarja-Liisa Soe, there is something for everyone in the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week programme. “Today the Police and Border Guard Orchestra concert tour “Along the Border” makes its way to Värska, the Tour d’ÖÖ bike ride is in Viljandi and the Estonia 100 collective art project “Tuleraamat” gets underway at the Seto Farm Museum. At this pace we still have the celebratory pedal to the metal!” added Soe.

A selection of events on Day 5 of the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week: 

•    11 a.m. - the first copy of the 2019 almanac of the Swedes of Hiiumaa is presented to Hiiu County executive at the Kärdla Community Centre.
•    3 p.m. - opening of Põhja Tallinn District Estonia 100 pop-up photographic art exhibition series exhibit of works by Pamela Pavlovitš on the Tallinn Culture Kilometre just before the Kultuurikatel – Tallinn Creative Hub.
•    7 p.m. - Concert tour “Mööda piiri” (“Along the Border”) arrives in Värska. Police and Border Guard Orchestra travels along border area from Sillamäe to Tallinn performing new patriotic pieces along with well-known artists
•    7 p.m. - Theatre piece “Miljoni vaade” (“Million Dollar View”) at Toom-Kooli 9, Tallinn. The collaborative piece by Tallinn City Theatre and Old Baskin’s Theatre in the Estonia 100 theatre series “Sajandi lugu” (“Tale of the Century”) takes us back to the years 2000-2010.
•    7 p.m. - Theatre piece “Isamaa pääsukesed” (“Swallows of the Fatherland”) at the Keila Culture Centre. The collaborative piece by the Estonian Drama Theatre and Nargen Opera in the Estonia 100 theatre series “Sajandi lugu” (“Tale of the Century”) takes us back to the years 2000-2010.
•    9 p.m. - start of the fifth Tour d’ÖÖ public bike ride in Viljandi. During the Estonia 100 week of festivities, Tour d’ÖÖ is commemorating Estonia’s 100th birthday with a tour of tours, travelling through 11 cities.
•    8:30 p.m. - Estonia 100 anniversary hikes: Discovery trek in Rummu quarry
•    Workshop series for the art project “Tuleraamat” continues at the Seto Farm Museum. Artists Urmas Puhkan, Kärt Seppel, Aigi Orav, Külli Kõiv, Lauri Kilusk, Kadri Pärnamets ja Segei Isupov from Asuurkeraamika Studio travel across Estonia making ceramic works of art from local materials in collaborative workshops.
•    RMK group hike from Nõmmeveski to Kalmeoja. 16 km distance travelled on foot.

The Estonia 100 week of summer celebrations kicked off on August 17 with the first Estonian Poetry Festival in Rakvere and will come to a close August 25 with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all across Estonia. One of the highlights of the week was the Estonia 100 global sing-along on August 19. All of the more than 200 Grand Celebration Week events can be found at

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