Estonia 100 Great Summer Week

During the year of the Republic of Estonia’s centenary, the Day of Restoration of Independence will be celebrated with a Great Summer Week, bringing together the people of Estonia and their friends to major public events. This is the right time to come and take part in Estonia 100 celebrations. Keep your eye on the growing schedule of summer events!


The Estonia 100 Great Summer Week begins on 17-18 August with the first Estonian poetry celebration in Rakvere and ends on the evening of 25 August with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all over Estonia.

One of the highlights of the week is the global joint singing event "The Power of Song" on 19 August, bringing together the people and friends of Estonia from all over the world to sing their most beloved Estonian songs together. This week of summer is also the right time to discover Estonia on public hikes or by taking part in the cycling festival Tour d'ÖÖ (Tour of Night), being held in major cities. And in many communities across Estonia, "EV100 in Every Village" festivities await guests.

Let's get together! The Great Summer Week is the time for reconnecting and rejoicing.

Here is a selection of Great Summer Week events (the schedule is being updated):

17-18 August - The first Estonian poetry celebration in Rakvere
17-26 August – Tour d'ÖÖ Estonian cycling festival
19-25 August – nature hikes on all RMK hiking trails
18 August – Estonian Nature Day
19 August – The global joint singing event “The Power of Song”
19-26 August – Concert tour of the Police and Border Guard Board Orchestra “Along the Border” on Estonia’s borders (see schedule)
20 August – The Day of Restoration of Estonia’s Independence, dance party "100-Year-Old Night" in Pärnu (see more details)
22 August – Opening of the revitalised city centre of Valga / Valka (see more here)
23 August – Opening of the Memorial to Victims of Communism at Maarjamäe
25 August – The Night of Ancient Bonfires across Estonia (see more in Estonian here) and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) concerts with Tõnu Kaljuste conducting on Naissaar island and at Kakumäe Harbour
25-26 August – For the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, Estonia's longest food festival stretching 175 km will be opened along Lake Peipsi (see more details)