The Estonia 100 initiative „An Instrument for Every Child“ will make all of Estonia resound on International Music DayPublished: 27.09.2018

On October 1, there will be free „An Instrument for Every Child“ concerts as part of the Estonia 100 initiative, which will mark the finale of the largest musical joint gift for the centenary. Children and young people will play at more than 60 International Music Day concerts with the instruments which they received as part of the initiative.

According to Head of the Organizing Committee Jaanus Rohumaa, the Estonia 100 gift „An Instrument for Every Child has made a huge contribution to the future of Estonia's music culture.

„During Estonia's centenary year, new instruments have reached 413 educational institutions and have inspired thousands of young music enthusiasts, each of whom may currently be carrying the future talent of Estonian music, Rohumaa expressed his delight.

According to Allan Tamme, the initiative's project leader, the concert series on International Music Day will mark the grande finale of the huge gift.

„The final notes will be powerful, since young people have been able to practice busily on their new guitars, djembes, violins and other instruments for the concerts, Tamme confirmed.

On October 1, the special concert programme „An Instrument for Every Child will bring all the children and young instrumentalists, who have been diligently practicing on their new instruments – in music schools, dance studios, cultural and youth centers, schools, youth orchestras and kindergartens – in front of a large audience.

Altogether more than 60 free concerts take place all over Estonia. Check out the venues and times of concerts, either on the Estonia 100 website here, or on the International Music Day website.

Children who received new instruments as part of the largest musical gift of the country’s 100th birthday will play in eight locations across Estonia at sunrise. However, the programme is not limited to that.
In total, morning concerts take place in eight different locations across Estonia. The day starts with the national anthem.

•    7.11 a.m. – Narva, in front of the Joaoru Beach House
•    7.17 a.m. – Tartu, in front of Vanemuine Theatre
•    7.19 a.m. – Väike-Maarja, central square
•    7.20 a.m. – Põltsamaa, central square
•    7.22 a.m. – Paide, central square
•    7.25 a.m. – Tallinn, Pikk Hermann tower
•    7.26 a.m. – Pärnu, Rüütli square
•    7.32 a.m. – Hiiumaa, flag square of Emmaste Basic School


Between 2015 and 2018, the Estonia 100 initiative „An Instrument for Every Child channelled 1.8 million euros into the project, resulting in 413 educational institutions all over the country acquiring close to 3000 new musical instruments.

Schools and other educational centres received the largest number of kannels (287), djembes (268), xylophones (133), soundboards (115) and violins (111). 79 pianos, 25 timpani, 62 saxophones, and many other high-quality instruments played in orchestras, (folk music) ensembles, bands and as solo instruments were also acquired.

Heading the Estonia 100 joint gift „An Instrument for Every Child are the Estonian Union of Music Schools, the Estonian Wind Music Society, the Estonian Traditional Music Center, the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Union, the Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association, and the Government Office's Estonia 100 organising committee.

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