Estonia 100 overview

  • The Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018.
  • The centenary is marked from April 2017 to February 2020.
  • The Estonia 100 festivities will for the most part be shaped by the people of Estonia themselves, as this is everyone’s celebration.
  • We can all receive and make gifts for Estonia’s centenary.
  • Everyone is welcome to add new events to the Estonia 100 events calendar.
  • The focus of Estonia 100 is on children and youth.

One hundred years of the Republic of Estonia

On February 24, 2018, one hundred years passed from the proclamation of Estonia as an independent, democratic republic. This is undoubtedly one of the most important and greatest milestones in our history with great meaning for us all. The centenary is a celebration for everyone and the perfect opportunity for us to join our efforts towards building a better future together. 





Let’s give Estonia gifts!

The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia is a celebration for everyone and the perfect opportunity to give and receive gifts! Everyone is invited to plan initiatives and events that will bring something positive to individuals, communities or the entire nation, and shape a better future for us all. All such endeavours organised in honour of Estonia 100 are what we call ‘gifts’ and are a welcome and important part of the Estonia 100 programme. Many gifts are already being planned or have already been made by groups of friends, local communities, NGOs, ministries, businesses, associations and other organisations.



Click here to see what gifts we will all receive for Estonia 100, and add a gift yourself.


Compile your own Estonia 100 events programme

Estonia’s centenary will be celebrated in Estonia with a diverse programme of events throughout the country. The Estonia 100 events calendar on the Estonia 100 website is updated constantly with information on all that will take place during the jubilee period. You can choose the events you are interested in and add them to your own personal calendar. Everyone is welcome to add an event organised in honour of Estonia’s centenary to the events calendar. Start adding events to your calendar here.

See the Estonia 100 events here and add an event to Estonia 100 events calendar.

Looking towards the future ​

While the Estonia 100 jubilee period is based on the milestones of the emergence of Estonia’s statehood, the centenary programme is focused primarily on the future. The centenary programme will engage almost every area of life and give Estonian communities around the world a chance to look back at our past, highlight the present day and set new goals for tomorrow. To be both ancient and innovative, curious and self-confident.



Estonia 100 focus is on children and youth 

The focus of the Estonia 100 centenary celebrations is on children and youth, as we are building the country for them and their future. The organising committee is making sure that there will be plenty of events for children and youth, but also that initiatives with a long-term impact are planned taking into account the needs and wishes of young people. One of the greatest initiatives with the future of our children in mind is ‘An Instrument for Every Child’, a project to help fund the purchase of new musical instruments for music schools across the country. Among other events, the ‘Children’s Republic’ will bring the celebrations to communities throughout the country, and students all over Estonia have been planting acorns and growing saplings for the Estonia 100 Oaks project to plant oak groves in honour of the centenary. Two full-length children’s films will premiere as part of the festivities – one with Estonia’s beloved cartoon dog Lotte and her friends, and another introducing a new set of characters in ‘Eia’s Christmas at Phantom Owl Farm’.  

Everyone is welcome

Estonia 100 is a celebration that for the most part will be shaped by the people themselves. Everyone in Estonia – regardless of ethnic origin, native language, creed or how long they have been here – is welcome to join in the festivities. All Estonians abroad and friends of Estonia throughout the world are also invited to take part in the Estonia 100 programme. The greatest gift that Estonians living abroad can give Estonia is to come visit and join in the celebrations here.  


The Estonia 100 celebrations will span three years

No state is born in a day. Estonian statehood emerged as a result of the efforts of many, and many of these significant events merit commemoration. For this reason, the most important jubilee in the history of our nation will be celebrated over a longer period of time. The programme begun in April 2017, marking the anniversary of the unification of the territories settled by Estonians. The highlight will be on February 24, 2018 when we celebrate the official 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The celebrations will then continue through 2019 to commemorate the most important and decisive battles in the War of Independence, culminating in February 2020 when 100 years will have past from the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty.



The Estonia 100 celebrations consist of five different thematic stages: our land, our state, our people, our freedom and our future.

Our land will focus on the territory we have lived on for thousands of years. This is where we sense our roots, our story and everything that surrounds us with the greatest of nuance – the view of the sea, the silence of the marsh, the scent of our spruce and pine forests. This is our home.
Our state will tell the story of the birth of our independent state. There was a time when this was a dream only for the mad or those who were considered mad. Now it is a reality, but our hard-fought freedom should not be taken for granted. The story of our statehood is one of courage mixed with a dose of good fortune.
Our people will be the time for us to celebrate together and enjoy one another’s company. It is the time to notice those around us, their skills, talents and special qualities. We will exchange gifts and organise get-togethers. There can be no country without a people, and this is where we are. No people in Europe has continuously inhabited one area longer.
Our freedom will be the period during which we commemorate the most important and decisive battles in the War of Independence and think about what freedom really means. Freedom – also in the meaning of independence and sovereignty – is self-evident, natural and even unnoticeable – when you have it. It’s easy to get used to. But this has not always been the case. What does freedom mean to us today?
Our future will be the time to wrap up the centenary celebrations and make plans for the future. So that Estonia will be a great place to live for us and for those who follow us for the next hundred years. 

Estonia’s centenary is celebrated around the world

The aim of the Estonia 100 international programme is to combine efforts to raise Estonia’s profile globally. The programme provides support to more than 150 cultural, educational, research and technological events in 2017 and 2018. Undoubtedly one of the greatest events will be World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018, which will be a gift from Estonians to the world. Estonia will also be promoted in the public space of a number of European cities with a 'Digital Street Art’ creative solution, combining graffiti, history and digital technology. The creator is our own 'Estonian Banksy', Edward von Lõngus. Events abroad that will draw attention to Estonia in 2018 can still be added to the programme.

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