Estonia 100 Theatre Series "Tale of The Century"

''Tale of The Century'' is a theatre production project where the past 100 years of Estonian history will be told in 13 plays.

In March 2014, Estonian theatres decided to give a centenary gift to the Republic of Estonia: a cooperation project between Estonian theatres. Last century was divided into decades and theatres are creating plays about each decade. In the framework of the project, 24 theatres will create 12 performances from the autumn of 2017 until the spring of 2018.

Tickets to the performances will be sold separately on each of the theatre's websites or on Piletilevi or Piletimaailm websites and ticket booths.
Ticket prices vary.

The project is coordinated by Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions
Monika Larini, executive manager
Phone: (+372) 55 614 972

Manager of the web-site
Hannele Känd
Phone: (+372) 5669 8839,

The decades are divided between 22 member theatres as follows:

The 1910-1920s / Premiere in August 2017: Theatre NO99 and partner from abroad
The 1920-1930s / Premieres in September 2017: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava and Vanemuine
The 1930-1940s / Premiere in October 2017: Labürintteatriühendus G9 and VAT Teater
The 1940-1950s / Premiere in November 2017: Von Krahl Theatre and Tartu Uus Teater
The 1950-1960s / Premiere on December 2, 2017: Endla Theatre and Kuressaare City Theatre
The 1960-1970s / Premiere on January 19, 2018: Estonian National Opera and Kanuti Gildi SAAL
The 1970-1980s / Premiere in February 2018: R.A.A.A.M and Ugala Theatre
The 1980-1990s / Premiere in March 2018: NUKU Theatre and Vaba Lava
The 1990-2000s / Premiere in April 2018: Rakvere Theatre and Fine 5 Dance Theatre
The 2000-2010s / Premiere in May 2018: Vana Baskin Theatre and Tallinn City Theatre
The 2010-2020s / Premiere in June 2018: NargenFestival and Estonian Drama Theatre
The 2020+ / Premiere in July 2018: Russian Theatre and students

March 15, 2017 Opening event for the project at the Presidential Castle in Kadriorg, Tallinn
March 11, 2014 Drawing of the collaborative pairs and decades

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