Estonia looks forward to hosting young foreign Estonians at language and culture camps next summerPublished: 22.01.2018

We’re happy to announce that with the support of the ‘Estonia 100’ project, more youngsters living abroad who have Estonian roots will get to take part in the language and culture camps being held in the country in 2018. The camps give people aged 13-18 who have an Estonian background but live outside of the country the chance to study Estonian, get to know local kids their age and learn more about Estonian culture.

2018 marks the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, and every Estonian living abroad is being invited to visit the country to celebrate its 100th birthday! Such a visit is one of the best gifts you could give the country. There are plenty of reasons to visit, with all sorts of events planned, including the Estonian language and culture summer camps run by the Integration Foundation ( We’ve been organising these camps since 2000.

The camps enable language practice in an Estonian language environment and encourage the kids to talk to Estonians their own age. They also forge a connection with the country, especially for those who want to come and study here or see their future as being linked to Estonia.

The registration for the camp will last until 31. March 2018
Read more about the 5 camps and instructions for applying HERE


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