Estonia received over 5,500 oak trees for its centenaryPublished: 01.07.2018

More than 5,500 trees were planted in oak parks all over Estonia which were created for Estonia's 100th anniversary. At Stenbock House, state secretary Heiki Loot thanked the people behind the idea, as well as the local governments and schools which helped created the parks.

Foto: Aron Urb/EV100

"One of the most remarkable gifts to Estonia has come to fruition," state secretary Heiki Loot said at the event thanking representatives of schools and local governments at Stenbock House. "We have left a strong and forward-looking message to the next generation about Estonia’s endurance," Loot added.

Preparations for the "Estonia’s 100 oaks" great gift began with the Government Office’s initiative in 2013, when children began to grow seedlings, which had sprouted from the acorns they had gathered themselves all over Estonia. According to the head of the Government Office’s Estonia 100 organising committee Jaanus Rohumaa, many schools, municipalities, organizations and private individuals have planted thousands of oak trees as a gift for Estonia.

"This is a proud joint achievement. I dare to believe that the number of oaks is actually even greater. It is heartwarming that so many people all over Estonia have planted their own centenary oak or created an oak park to celebrate our common anniversary," Rohumaa added.

In the spring of the centenary year, every Estonian county received at least one new oak park, which was established as a co-operative effort between local governments and local children. Individuals, families, companies and organizations, both in Estonia and abroad, have also contributed to the initiative. Many of the oak parks were opened across Estonia on June 1, including a five-hectare national park in Tamsalu.

Photo gallery of the event thanking people involved in “Estonia’s 100 oaks" project in Stenbock House (photos by Aron Urb / EV100):

More information about the oak parks:

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