Estonian centenary will be celebrated with an international cleanup eventPublished: 27.05.2016

On September 8 2018, World Cleanup Day, people in 150 countries will stand up against the global trash problem, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen. This is going to be one of the biggest and most important international events marking the jubilee of the Republic of Estonia.   

Foto: Let´s Do It! World

Let’s Do It! World is a civic-led mass movement that began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people united together to clean up the entire country in just five hours. Since then, Let’s Do It! has spread this model—one country in one day—around the world. To date, 112 countries and 13,8 million people have joined us to clean up illegal waste. This is only the beginning!

In 2018, the movement is focused on the ambitious goal of cleaning up the world from waste in one massive effort. The aim is to get 150 countries on board for one day of extraordinary action and cooperation.

The plan is to engage 5% of the world’s population. This isn’t just a number pulled out of a hat - this number represents the estimated amount of people necessary to create lasting change and go beyond just one day of incredible activism.

On that September day, we’ll wake up in the morning in Japan, finish off the day in Hawaii, and at the end of it, we’ll have changed the world.

The movement is recruiting talented and ambitious leaders! 

In 2016, the movement is focusing on recruiting passionate, motivated people around the world to become the leaders of a massive cleanup day in their native countries. It’s a challenge of a lifetime for a skilled and ambitious leader who really wants to make a difference. Read more about the type of people they are looking for here!


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