Estonian Cultural Festival in Kaukasia

Estonian Cultural Festival in Kaukasia celebrates the anniversary of Sochi Tammsaare House, Estonian writer A.H. Tammsaare's 140th birthday and 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Family event

05.-07.10.2018 Tammsaare Museum, Sochi, Kranojarski Valley - Estonia 100 anniversary celebrations and the donation of a sculpture of Ants Paju to the museum.

The Estonian Cultural Association in cooperation with NGO Ants Paju Foundation, the N. Ostrovski Literary Museum and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, will hand over the sculpture of Ants Paju (by Jaak Soans) to the Tammsaare Museum.

Ants Paju founded the museum in 1988 to document A.H. Tammsaare's rest cure visit to Vaarmann Farm in 1912. The museum also houses a unique collection of memories preserved by the descendants of the first emigrés.

Two concerts will accompany this event, in Punase Lageda's Estonian Garden.

There are plans to screen Estonian films to showcase the Tammsaare Museum in Tallinn (with a view to cooperation between Tallinn's and Punase Lageda's Tammsaare museums).

The project is being implemented by Ugo Reiljan, Diana Gubareva and Valter German from the Caucasian Estonian Community, to express their gratitude and preserve Ants Paju's memory.

Soan's sculpture will become a symbol of unity and introduce the multi-layered and vivid nature of Estonian culture to the numerous international visitors to Punase Lageda.

05.10 Estonian delegation meets with the management of N. Ostrovsky Museum to discuss opportunities for cooperation. Concert.
11.00 screening of the Estonian film "Georg" at the Estosadok Culture House
13.00 event in memory of Ants Paju at Tammsaare Museum, to include presentation, eulogies, speeches, open microphone:
- Diana Gubareva, Director, Tammsaare Museum

- Valter German, leader of the Caucasian Community of Estonians
- Angela Rehi, daughter of Ants Paju, from the Ants Paju Foundation
- Liina Miks, Eesti Kultuuri Seltside Ühendus
- Annika Aus, A. H. Tammsaare Museum (Tallinn)
- Jaak Soans, sculptor and biographer of Ants Paju

- Performance by Tuustar men's choir.

14.30 Coffee and snacks at the cultural house. Folk dance and song, recipe sharing.

12.00 vigil and silent reflection in memory of the first Estonian settlers, Aiakese Cemetary.


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