Estonian Flag 135

The Estonian flag will celebrate its 135th anniversary on 4 June this year. This time we can all celebrate the great birthday of our flag together at the Estonian National Museum, where the historical flag is also put out for everyone to see. However, party events will also be held at Põltsamaa, Otepää, Haapsalu, Pärnu and Tallinn. The birthday will be summed up by the 15 June family day in Tallinn, which will celebrate both the 135th birthday of the Estonian flag and the 800th birthday of the Danish flag.

On 4 June 1884, in Otepää, the first blue-black-and-white Estonian flag - the flag of the Estonian Students’ Society, was ordained. Blue-black-and-white became the Estonian national flag and, in the creation of the Republic of Estonia, also the state flag. 

On the birthday of the flag, we would like to give greater attention to the state and national flag and encourage Estonians to use the Estonian flag. We also invite everyone to take part in the celebration of the 135th birthday of the flag.