‘Estonian Inventor’ competition launched for childrenFinished

Estonian Public Broadcasting and Estonia 100 are looking for children to participate in the ‘Estonian Inventor’ competition organised by the Estonian Research Council, and invite children with bright ideas to invent something completely new. The call for ideas for inventions is open until October 17, 2016.  

The aim of the national competition 'Estonian inventor' is to value activities related to innovation and research among students and stimulate students' activity in these areas. The aim of the competition is also to recognize those students and groups of students, their mentors, teachers and schools who demonstrate outstanding results in these areas of activity. 

Short documentaries will be made of the 40 children who will take part in the competition to showcase their creativity and ideas. The best and brightest will be awarded prizes ranging from cash to an awesome bike. The best inventors will also meet with professional product developers, since even the tiniest ideas can grow into something big if they fall into the right hands. One hundred of the most influential ideas will be published in a book as a gift for Estonia’s centenary.

The call for ideas for inventions is open until October 17, 2016. Read more about the competition and presenting ideas here (in Estonian).

Additional information and contact

Margit Lehis
Estonian Research Council
Soola 8, Tartu 51013
Telephone: +372 7300 335
Mobile phone: +372 520 3270


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