Estonian musician Ott Lepland supports the purchase of musical instruments for childrenPublished: 25.05.2016

Read an interview with Ott Lepland, a popular Estonian musician and former Eurovision competitor to find out why he has decided to support the Estonia 100 initiative ''An Instrument for Every Child’’ and how he thinks playing a musical instrument can benefit a child. 

Foto: EV100

Excerpts from an interview:

How and when did your love of music and playing an instrument begin?
I have been surrounded by music since my early childhood. I had my first music lessons when I was six or seven years old and my first teacher was my mother, who is a music teacher. My piano lessons with my mother didn’t go so well, since kids tend to complain when they are with their mother. My mother sent me off to learn piano with my aunt, and I went to a children’s music school at the age of ten.
How does playing an instrument help a child’s development?
I personally think that playing an instrument has given and taught me a lot: discipline, a sense of duty and persistence. Playing an instrument gives children and young people an outlet where they can safely express their emotions. There probably isn’t enough space here to list all the benefits of making music. I am convinced that playing an instrument from an early age gives a child the advantages he needs to do well later on in life. Since not every family has a musician, it would be great if children could have the opportunity to make music at school or even already in kindergarten.

Why did you decide to support the Estonia 100 initiative ’’An Instrument for Every Child’’?
I think that supporting music education for children is very important, since making music is a form of self-expression, like drawing or writing. Which is why I didn’t hesitate when I was asked to support the “An Instrument for Every Child” initiative. I consider promoting music and playing an instrument among young people to be my duty! Since not all music education institutions have enough money to buy the instruments they need, we have to be active and help them raise money.

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