Estonian Professional Circus Showcase - EPICIRQ

Throughout the years, Estonian circus has been growing and developing. Now as it's blooming, it's time to start a tradition of to give the circus scene attention through an annual showcase.

Wheelchair friendly

EPICIRQ – Estonian Professional Circus Showcase 2018 will take place on 29th to 30th of September in Tallinn. Presenting the local artists, venues and organisations, opening discussions, pitches and excursions.

Estonian circus is young, lively and full of variety. Brought up by local artists EPICIRQ aims to present the greatest work of the professional circus year 2018 and continue to do it annually. 

29th of September

18:00 – welcoming at Vaba Lava Theatre Centre in Tallinn, performances:

 “Carousel Night” – a duo performance by Carousel Company (Ireen Peegel and Jaakko Repola). 

“Absurd” – a solo performance first demo showing by Estonian artist Anna Kristin Peterson-McCarthy. 

“Confines” – a solo performance by Grete Gross, performed with musicians Johanna Randvere and Jakob Teppo. 

Each of the performances will be followed by a talk with the artists.

21:00 – “Dicey” by Dan le Man at the new culturebar Heldeke (EPICIRQ collaborative event)

A performance directed by chance. Starting from the ticket price being decided by a throw of dice, the combination of acts and the duration of the show is all in the hands of fate.

22:30 – Afterparty at Heldeke culture bar

30th of September

12:00 – bus leaves for a visit to Big Wolf residency centre in Vaeküla, 110 km from Tallinn.  The owner of the house and founder of residency space, circus artist Lizeth Wolk will make a tour in the house and tell about the upcoming plans in the building.

Followed by presentations:

Founder of Open Tsirkus Stage, TaDaa Street festival and venue Heldeke – Dan Renwick

Founder of Hoog festival and AD Productions – Anu Tähemaa

Pitch session of upcoming performances by various Estonian artists.

*Registration for excursion is needed



Eesti Kaasaegse Tsirkuse Arenduskeskus MTÜ on asutatud 12. septembril 2014 Eesti kaasaegse tsirkuse organisatsioonide ja artistide poolt missiooniga saavutada Eesti kaasaegse tsirkuse silmapaistvus, kõrgetasemelisus ning tunnustatus kodu- ja välismaal.