Estonian town centres to be renewed for Estonia’s centenaryPublished: 07.10.2016

The Great Public Spaces programme organised by the Estonian Association of Architects has reached its final stages. The architectural design competitions have drawn to a close in most of the participating towns and work on the winning designs has begun.

Pilt: Eesti Arhitektide Liit

The Great Public Spaces programme was launched two years ago to renovate the town centres, main squares and main streets of 16 towns and cities throughout Estonia by 2018-2020 in honour of Estonia’s centenary. The goal is to make the town centres more pedestrian-friendly to provide an inviting location for cultural events, public ceremonies and festivals, and give a boost to local business.

The competitions have been successfully completed in 14 towns, while the competitions for Narva and Jõhvi will be announced in October. Five towns have received support from the Cohesion Fund to now start the renovation of their town centres, main squares and main streets: Kuressaare, Põlva, Valga, Tõrva and Võru. The support of other projects will be decided during 2017. 

Some 40 of the entries for Elva, Kuremäe, Kuressaare, Põltsamaa, Rakvere, Tallinn and Viljandi will be on display in the Museum of Estonian Architecture from 6-30 October this year.

Read more on the architectural programme here.

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