Estonians who changed the world

The National Library of Estonia has a gift for Estonia: the people from different walks of life who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the Republic will get a digital life.

The Republic of Estonia stands on our culture and on the achievements and wisdom of the greats of our tiny country. To date, information about the greatest figures in Estonian history has only been recorded on paper – in the biographical lexicons preserved in the dusty repositories of libraries and other memory institutions. It is difficult to find reliable information on Estonians in various search engines. By 2018, information on the greatest figures of our country will be collected from multiple reliable sources, processed and made accessible to all through the “Famous Estonians” data solution. The National Library, Tallinn University Academic Library and the University of Tartu Library have already collected and digitised 30,817 pages of information about renowned Estonians.

If you know anyone whose life and achievements should be recognized and celebrated, let us know where to find information about them! We will digitise them and give them a virtual life.

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Pille Salamov