Estonians worldwide are invited to come celebrate Estonia's centenary

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The programme dedicated to the anniversary began in April 2017 and runs until February 2020, celebrating the most important milestones along Estonia's road to statehood.

Estonia 100 is inviting all friends of Estonia, here, and beyond our borders, to celebrate Estonia's centenary! This is an event that you create yourself, in a manner that you see fit, no matter where you are!

Are you ready to celebrate Estonia 100?

  • Organise an event celebrating Estonia 100 where you live! In order to make your event stand out, add it to the Estonia 100 website.
  • Use the Estonia 100 logo generator to help design a logo perfect for your particular event.
  • Use Estonia 100 promotional materials to decorate your event.
  • Dazzle guests at your event with Estonia 100 gifts designed by Estonian businesses. You can purchase ready-made Estonia 100 stands, backdrops, balloons, sandwich flags and anything else that you might need when celebrating a birthday, at the web store.
  • Immortalise your events on photos and/or videos and download them here. The best emotions will be shared on Estonia 100 sites!

What to give the centenarian?

All events dedicated to Estonia, which we are collectively calling gifts, are important and awaited as part of the Estonia 100 programme. Countless gifts are being made in honour of the centenary, including organising musical instruments for children and creating parks full of oak trees and other with kiiks (Estonian swings). Everyone can make a gift! It doesn't matter whether it's large or small, what is paramount is the heartfelt wish to do something for your community or for your nation. You can see what plans and projects are already in the making to celebrate the centenary, and can post your gift idea here.

The focus of Estonia 100 is children and young people

The spotlight of the anniversary programme is on children and young people. We value initiatives which give high priority to Estonian children living abroad maintaining a connection with their homeland and the Estonian language. In 2018, more children will participate in language- and culture camps with support from Estonia 100.

The Estonian Children's Literature Centre and the Ministry of Culture have a wonderful tradition of presenting the book "Pisike puu" ("Tiny tree") to all children born in Estonia. In 2018, Estonia 100 is leading the initiative to also present this book to all children of Estonian citizens entered in the population register, who are born abroad during the centenary year.

Project application calls for Estonian cultural societies abroad

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the Compatriots' Scholarships Programme and the Integration Foundation, Estonia 100 sponsored project application calls for Estonian cultural societies abroad in 2017 and 2018. The support of Estonia 100 enabled giving a greater boost to events dedicated to Estonia's centenary and to increase opportunities for cross-border cultural exchanges between Estonian communities worldwide.

Estonia awaits you! Come for a visit!

All Estonians living abroad are awaited to visit Estonia during the period of its birthday celebrations! This is one of the best gifts that Estonians living abroad can dedicate to our centenarian. Reasons to come include many large, as well as small events, ranging from Song and Dance Celebrations to hundreds of other projects in various fields and genres. We very much await your visit!

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