EV100 Magazine

I want to make a magazine dedicated to the centenary of the Estonian Republic. It will commemorate the unique historical and contemporary events that have shaped Estonia.

I am excited about creating an arts, culture and lifestyle magazine about Estonia. The timeline of 100 years will celebrate development and achievements of our country. The prospective topics range from a talk with experts about Tallinn's historic centre as a UNESCO world heritage site and a psychogeographic feature of various locations in Estonia, such as Rummy quarry or Patarei prison, to a photo-journalistic project on the Seto people, an interview with the up-and-coming rapper Tommy Cash, and a feature on why Estonia is one of the best places in the world for launching a startup.
The magazine is to be published in three different languages: Estonian, English and Russian. My goal is to make it exciting for the Estonians to learn more about their country as well as to promote the Estonian culture abroad. I would love to see the end result in the bookshops and magazine shops around the world.

1.08-30.08 Gathering information, conducting interviews 30.08-25.09 Writing the first draft 25.09-25.10 Editing, adding photos, creating the magazine prototype 25.10-1.12 Finishing the magazine

I am searching for the journalists, photographers and graphic designers who would like to work on the magazine. Any kind of help is appreciated!