Exhibition "Arvo Pärt - Renowned and Unknown" at Nizhni Novgorod

Arvo Pärt’s music has touched and affected many listeners throughout the world. This exhibition tells visitors who this composer is and where his roots are.

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

Arvo Pärt’s music is very well known throughout the world and it has touched and affected very many people. This exhibition tells the story of this composer – about his origin, childhood and formative years. This story is a part of the story of Estonia, bringing the listener closer to the environment and story of development in which the music that is so well known was born. The exhibition moves along with Estonian musicians and choirs to different concert venues, concert halls and museums. We are very proud to represent the exhibition at Nizhni Novgorod, at festival «Другая музыка. Пярт». More info and program: https://vk.com/arvopartfestival


Eesti Muusikaettevõtluse Arenduskeskus MTÜ

Eesti Muusikaettevõtluse Arenduskeskus on 2009. aastal loodud valdkondlik katusorganisatsioon, mis algatab ja koordineerib muusikavaldkonna arendus- ja ekspordiprojekte.